The Boykins who call Catalpa Boykins home are treated as family and as such, their wellbeing and safety are deeply guarded. We personally screen each prospective buyer to ensure the puppies are going to happy, healthy homes where they will be given love and a chance to exercise their natural hunting and retrieving abilities. Please note that we breed on a limited basis, but we are happyto supply you with referrals.

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We believe in the importance of health screening for issues affecting our breed. The most common health problems in the Boykin breed are Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD), Degenerative Myelitis (DM) and Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC). The Boykin Spaniel Society Code of Ethics requires testing for these common diseases. As responsible breeders, we also report the results to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), where they are recorded on their website: www.offa.org. When searching for a puppy, you should always ask for the registration number of the sire and dam, and check for these results. We're all working together to responsibly improve and preserve the health of the Boykin breed. 

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